Declaration of School Council Election for 2024

Parent Category

  • Lee-Anne Theodorou
  • Ranjana Moody
  • Sandra Radic
  • Gurcharan Singh
  • Andrew Bazeley
  • Gizelle Katsivelos
  • Neil Hasankolli
  • Gabriel Hingley

School Employee Category

  • Aaron Sykes
  • Matt Sloan
  • Rosie Daniel
  • Danielle Dalton
  • Sean Fraser

Student Category

  • Elena Mitrevska
  • Kritish Moody

First meeting of new School Council:
Wednesday 20th March 2024 at 6:00pm
Acacia Campus – Conference Room


2024 Form 2 Notice of Election and Call for Nominations (pdf)

2024 School Council Election Process Timetable (pdf)

Form 3 Self Nomination Form for Parent Member (pdf)

Form 4 Nominaton Form for Parent Member (pdf)

Form 5 Self Nomination for School Employee Member (pdf)

Form 6 Nomination for School Employee Member (pdf)

Form 7 Self Nomination for Student Member (pdf)

Form 8 Nomination for Student Member (pdf)

Fact sheet 1: School Council Elections – Information for Parents (pdf)

Fact Sheet 4: Information for Parents of Children Seeking Election to School Council (pdf)