Opportunity to excel

A rich array of curricular and extra-curricular activities encourages our students to develop their talents and interests.

Co-curricular at Keysborough College

Our school community is vibrant and diverse and students have access to a broad range of activities including:

  • Awards for excellence in academic, sports, music, leadership, and citizenship endeavours
  • An annual Art Exhibition
  • Sporting competitions at local, regional, and state levels
  • Debating team, Premier’s Reading Challenge and Book Week
  • Musical Soiree, instrumental music and performing arts
  • A variety of subject competitions, for example: Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Monash University in-school and on-campus activities providing early engagement with tertiary studies
  • Monash Mentor Program involves Monash University students engaged as tutors during and after school hours
  • Breakfast Club, afterschool homework clubs and sports groups
  • Student Leader Executives giving voice to students, the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership and working with others.

House Activities

The House Activities program builds connections between students and fosters their connection to the school.

Students participate in house competitions and activities across years 7-12, competing in a range of sports and performing arts events.

Music Excellence

The College offers an outstanding Music and Performing Arts program that includes Instrumental and Classroom Music for every student. Performances, Productions, and music camps are features of the program. All Year 7 students learn to play a musical instrument.

This encourages an appreciation of music, enriching their lives. Studying music has proven to have a range of benefits for the student, for example, assisting students develop, improved self-discipline, organisational skills and a sense of achievement.

See more on our Music program


Interschool sport encourages the values of Physical Fitness, Sportsmanship, Friendship, Involvement, Effort and School Spirit. It is an important part of college life.

Our students participate in interschool sports in the Greater Dandenong Division (School Sport Victoria). The sports played are:

Term 1

  • Swimming, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Baseball/Softball.

Term 2

  • Cross Country, Netball, Football, Soccer, Badminton.

Term 3

  • Athletics, Basketball, Futsal, Hockey, Table Tennis.


The Debating Program provides opportunity to students from all year levels to participate in competitions outside and within the College.

The program helps students develop their skills in literacy and oracy, familiarity with different styles of public debate, the opportunity to participate in the wider community, representing themselves and their schools.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Keysborough College aims to give students a broad range of experience in the classroom and beyond.

For example, students have the opportunity to undertake excursions, participate in competitions and where possible, work with artists and members of the community to expand their learning experiences.

The Visual Arts program encompass many exciting subjects that includes: Art and Studio Arts, and Visual Communication and Design.

At the VCE level the Visual Arts Program includes Art, Ceramics, Visual Communication, Photography, Media and Drawing in other levels.