College Principal’s Report


Mobile Phone Policy
As has been widely distributed through the media the use of mobile phones will be banned in all government schools from the start of the 2020 school year. Please note that is a Ministerial Order and therefore school must comply.

Discussion with staff has taken place to review the impact of the ban on teaching practice and intend for student input to be gathered during our Headstart program over the next three weeks. I will also be seeking input from parents to help prepare a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document to help our community to understand the policy.

Year 7 2020 Information Evenings
I had the pleasure of attending both 2020 Year 7 Information Evenings in the last week of October and I would like to congratulate Matt Sloan and Aimie Cribbin for running very successful events. There were packed houses on both nights and there was a really positive feeling at each. The highlight of each, for me, was the role played by our students – they were what the Grade 6 students there were most interested in. As always our students did us proud. These events do not just happen, they have to be well organised and depend on the input of staff on the night. It is this willingness to put in that keeps this College growing and being successful.

Year 7-11 Presentation Evening
This event will be held on Tuesday 26th November at the Drum Theatre. Students have been posted their formal invitations, and have received an email notifying them that they will be receiving an award on the evening. Staff will be receiving a formal invitation in their pigeon hole in the coming days.

Year 12 Graduation Evening
The final event for the year (apart from exams!) for our Year 12 students was held on Monday 4th November at the Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash University. It was a very enjoyable evening celebrating the successes of our students in their final year of schooling and meeting their families. Thank you very much to Senior Assistant Principals Jonathon Boyd and Robyn Hughes for their work in organising the evening which is always a spectacular and memorable event.

End of Year exams
Exams for all year levels are now complete. The exam period is a major logistical event but ran very smoothly. Thanks to all staff involved in their organisation and to parents for the support of their students at this time.

Headstart Program
On Monday 25th November all students will move up a year level for 2 – 3 weeks and begin their 2020 academic work. This is a very busy time for all as the students meet their new teachers and vice-versa.


John Baston

College Principal