Reconnecting our former students

Keysborough Secondary College is developing an alumni program to help our former students keep in touch with us.
Being part of an alumni community can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Through our alumni community you can:

  • Advise, help and inspire current students at Keysborough Secondary College
  • Network with other former students working or studying in areas relevant to you
  • Stay connected to the people you studied and socialised with

We’re developing the program in partnership with Ourschool, a not-for-profit pilot service that helps state secondary schools build their alumni communities.

Our alumni program will focus on these goals over the next two years:

  • Establish and grow our alumni database
  • Invite alumni back to school to provide career or study advice to students
  • Invite alumni to offer work experience placements for students
  • Help alumni establish and / or contribute to philanthropic projects / programs

To join our alumni community and to get involved, please email us with your preferred contact details and a brief bio noting your graduating year from Keysborough College, Chandler, Coomoora, Heatherhill or Springvale.

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