Community Partnership

Community Engagement

Over the last 2 months the Community Portfolio Group has been working to develop plans and strategies in response to the Strategic Plan and AIP.  More recently we have formed action teams based on the targets in the AIP.  These are the Parental involvement/Compass Team, comprising  Elizabeth Reilly, Jonathon Boyd, David Pfeiffer  whose focus for this year will be on developing parent contact and communication through increasing parental involvement with Compass; developing the Brace Education program, in particular educating parents in English.  Another major task of this action groups is to cater more effectively to our parents by having relevant documents translated into a range of languages to facilitate better communication.

The Wider Community Action team, comprising Matt Sloan, Pat Boyd and David Pfeiffer will be looking at Building relationships with community organisations, pathways and program providers.  We are well on our way to achieving one of our objectives which is the running of the Careers Expo, with the Expo team having finalised 37 providers for the Expo.  Students have been surveyed for their workshops with Uni, TAFE or both.

We have collected data on all the languages spoken by parents in the school and have begun using this information to assess document translations and parent interest in Brace education.

A new development has arisen from some Professional Learning recently undertaken by David Pfeiffer and Liz Reilly and provides the opportunity to work with Deakin Uni to develop our approach to improving parental engagement with the school.  We hope this will be a long and fruitful collaboration.

In other areas our relationships with our tertiary institutions are strong, with a range of activities and courses being undertaken by students.  Our engagement with Rotary, particularly through the Interact Club has deepened with Interact students recently helping at a Rotary fundraiser by cooking sausages and earning $300 for the Interact Club.  More receetnly Rotary has assisted Interact by providing car washing equipment for free (donated by a large hardware store) to enable us to run a teacher car wash fundraiser for the Marcus and Alanna Brain Stem Foundation to raise money for brain cancer research.

David Pfeiffer, Community Partnerships