No Limits

Reaching new heights of potential! – Acacia No Limits Hike and Phase 2 Graduation 2016.

On Wednesday November 10th Briley Forbes (PE & Science Teacher), Rob Coller (No Limits Coordinator), Laura Yu (No Limits Volunteer) and I joined in with 11 students from the Phase 2 group in traveling to Mt Erica for 2 days.

This was the major ‘Peak experience’ for the group, with many having to overcome fears and never having hiked or camped out to achieve this feat. We pushed the group often beyond what they thought their capabilities were and they all rose to the occasion with outstanding results.

From helping each other out without direction to excellent support of the group, they excelled in reaching new heights of their potential.

Then on Monday afternoon November 28th, the school leadership, teachers, wellbeing staff, families and students gathered in the STEM building to honour and congratulate the No Limits students for all their hard work.

Peter Vanderzaag from 3Fold Resources (who support the program) was able to attend and present the Leadership award for the group, which went to Margaret Viliamu for her outstanding persistence to better herself and develop into the leader she is.

No Limits is a resiliency program which is delivered via activity based learning in a safe small group context. This will be the 4th year No Limits has been running at Acacia and 9th year at Keysborough College, it has been a great success so far.

“No Limits has been the positive self-talk we all needed.”

Margaret Viliamu
3Fold Resources Leadership Award
Winner 2016

Michael Enderby – Chaplain/Youth Worker (Acacia Campus)

On Thursday, 28 October, 8 students from Banksia Campus went an overnight hike to Mt Erica, as the culmination of No Limits – Phase 2. We hiked up to the summit (1,509 m) and camped overnight in the snow. For some of the students, this was the first time that they had ever seen snow!

This was a great time of seeing the team push themselves to go further than they have gone before and look out for each other. Each student had the opportunity to orienteer the group and lead us to the different stops throughout the hike. Each of us, student and staff member, had to plan our meals for the hike and cook them on camp ovens.

Thank you to Brendan Femino (Outdoor Education Teacher), Rob Coller (Facilitator), Harlin Gandhok(Youth Counsellor), Miranda Menzel (community volunteer) for joining me and providing assistance in leading this experience. Congratulations and well done to John, Mohammad, Winston, Aariya, Angelina, Antonia, Sarah and Deva.

A graduation from No Limits was held on Friday, 25 November where parents were invited to attend and congratulate the students who each received a certificate of completion.

Josh Rodriguez
Chaplain/Youth Worker – Banksia Campus