2021 comes to a close!

Good afternoon students, parents and carers

This year has been a year of continued challenge at Keysborough College. Our students and staff have been faced extended periods of remote teaching and learning and I believe that we have met those challenges front on and progressed the education of our students allowing them to meet the high expectations they have of themselves.

Throughout all of ups and downs of the year one of the things that makes me proud as Principal of this school is that they have consistently demonstrated our values of Respect, Excellence and Diversity in all of their interactions with each other and with members of our community.

My thanks go to all students who have held leadership positions this year. It is important that we recognise the efforts of Bethia Kita and Nathan Neung the Acacia Campus Captains and Raghav Anand and Pyrien Chantagit the Banksia Campus Captains. Our Student Leaders have continued to create a positive influence contributing to the strength of the Keysborough College culture.  I am very proud of their involvement and they should be commended for their strong leadership skills which ultimately enhance the development and progress of the college throughout 2021.

On behalf of the College Community and from me personally, I would like to offer my deepest appreciation for all the work that the members of College have done this year and the hours they have spent helping set the direction for the College. I would like to make special mention of the student/community representatives this year Kristy Chung, Nguyen Vu and Abijar Mudaliar. In particular I would like to thank our Council President Carol Williams for her guidance and leadership this year.

I would like to wish all members of our College community a safe and enjoyable festive season and I look forward to seeing everyone in the 2022 school year

Mr Baston
College Principal