Senior School News

Headstart 2017 commenced on the 21st November. Each Year level in Senior school (Years 10, 11 and 12) attended an assembly to commence their 2017 school year. Each assembly focused on the specific requirements of the courses offered at that particular Year level plus on the need for all senior school students to “Step up” to the expectations of Senior School and to set goals and an action plan for themselves in order to be successful in their 2017 studies.

Success Integrated 2017 Student Leadership Training day

A leadership training day was provided for our Acacia and Banksia Year 12 2017 student leaders on Friday 18th November. The leadership program focused on building the 2017 leadership team’s connection a college group. The program involved activities that prompted the concepts of; What qualities and skills make a good leader; What will be your impact as a student leader in 2017?; What area of focus they wish to build in the school in 2017. The student leaders of 2017 determined the College value of focus in 2017 will be DIVERSITY.

Celebrating and Building the school community

The 2017 Student leaders have embraced their new role by holding events at Acacia and Banksia campus’ last week for free dress day.

At Banksia campus the first official function for the new leaders was a lunchtime concert and BBQ. Part of the funds raised will be donated to charity with the remaining funds being put towards programs for the students. The charity and the programs will be decided upon next year.

Approval has already been given for the group to run Valentine’s Day activities including the sale of red and yellow roses and small teddy bears. We thank the various performers and the school band for a fabulous concert and the bringing together of the campus student and staff community.

Rotary Club- Arthur Williams Citizenship Award

The Noble Park Rotary Club recognised the work of two of our senior students who were recently presented with the Arthur Williams Citizenship Award for their contributions to the school and local community. We extend our congratulations to Farida Farida of Year 11 of Banksia campus and Malinie Sok of Acacia campus.

Farida, the Banksia Campus recipient, received the award for her role in initiating the ‘Supportive Friends program’ at Banksia campus and her role as Year 11 captain. Farida has certainly made an impact with her positive and community minded attitude. It was a great pleasure to see her recognised with such a prestigious award.

A certificate and Citizen watch was presented to Farida and Malinie at a formal ceremony on Thursday 1st December, in the company of members of the Noble Park Rotary Club, parents and Mrs McCabe, Teacher from Banksia campus.

Year 12 Results, Certificates and VTAC Change of Preference Support

On Monday 12th December the VCE and VCAL Results were released. We encourage all Year 12 students to seek advice from our careers and pathways staff if they are considering changing their VTAC Preferences for 2017 tertiary studies.

A Year 12 BBQ was held at both campuses following receipt of results and to encourage our Year 12 cohort to return to the school to touch base with their teachers, collect their official VCAA Year 12 certificate and share their 2017 plans with their friends.

Final Message

To all our senior students, we wish you a relaxing and safe summer holiday break. For our graduating Year 12’s we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. For senior students returning in the new year, come back refreshed (and don’t forget to complete the Head Start homework tasks your teachers have set).

Robyn Hughes
Senior School Assistant Principal Acacia Campus

Lynda Portelli
Senior School Assistant Principal Banksia Campus