Year 10 Life Science Excursion – Jurassic World Exhibition

On Friday 16 September we were lucky enough to experience the Jurassic World Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.

At first we visited the main museum which was free to all students. Although we weren’t there for that, we were able to see life sized tarantula and its shredded skin during it’s growth. We learnt many things by observing these little features of the museum. Oh yeah, how could I forget the green ants?!

After an hour in the main museum, we finally went to the Jurassic World Exhibition. When we first got to the entrance of the exhibition, we had a picture taken that was photoshopped with dinosaurs. When we entered the exhibition to the intro, we stood on some ship like room and got to experience something similar to the movie Jurassic World.

If you haven’t watched it, worth it! It was disappointing that once we passed something in the exhibit we couldn’t go back, so we had to make the most of it. To see a life sized head of a Brachiosaurus it amazed us all with its swift movements and sounds it made. Although it doesn’t sound like much, oh I wished I could bring you all with me. It was so mesmerising that we stood there for ages trying to take the perfect photo.

Even though the exhibition was short, we could see that lots of effort, time and money was put into it. I’ve got to say, the part where the Tyrannosaurus rex suddenly walked out roaring and pushing this car was definitely one of the greatest smallest moments I’ve ever experienced.

After the exhibition, we were all starving so we went to get our food and then went to watch Prehistoric Planet 3D in IMAX. The. Screen. Was. Huge! After the long yet good day we came back home full of stories to tell.

Tammy Nguyen
Banksia Year10